CVR Vancouver
May 7

CVR Vancouver

  • Vancouver Convention Centre

CVR is the Pacific Northwest's biggest VR/AR/MR event. CVR brings together great games, interactive experiences, and the best immersive technology to consumers, industry pros, and investors.

Unity VR Developer Workshop
8:30 am08:30

Unity VR Developer Workshop

  • Hugh Dempster Pavillion - Room 310

Join us August 27th, 2016 for Vancouver’s first complete Virtual Reality Developer Workshop. Learn to develop games for VR using Unity and accelerate your skills with our full-day introductory course. No experience needed!

VR Talk Series - The Experience
6:00 pm18:00

VR Talk Series - The Experience

  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design

VanVR, VanCG, and S3D Centre at Emily Carr University presents "How To Build A Virtual World" 

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--- Virtual Reality - The Experience --- 

This is the final event of the VR Talk Series on How to Build a Virtual World.  We’re wrapping it up with a bang; cash prizes and hardware. We’ll be keeping the presentation short and focus on “The Experience”. Instead of lots of speaking, we’re having a contest and VR experiences for you to try out.

Contest exhibitors will be announced as they are chosen. Watch this space, VanCG Meetup and VanVR Meetup pages for updates.


The spirit of the contest is to show off never-before-seen local VR tech and experiences that can be shared globally. We’re encouraging students, indie, and even companies to show something new.

First prize gets a Structure Sensor and $100 cash, second prize gets $150 cash, and third gets $100 cash.

Experiences could consist of anything; an amazing environment, a fascinating puzzle, fireworks, or surreal art. Whatever you do have fun! Try to produce an experience that takes advantage of the robustness of today’s VR engines.

More details on Picatic:


June 14th - end of day 23:59


Unity VR Developer Workshop
10:00 am10:00

Unity VR Developer Workshop

  • David Lam Learning Centre

The workshop introduces students to Unity 3D and all attendees will receive a free Google Cardboard. By the end of the event attendees will have built a first-person virtual reality submarine piloting game and will walk away with the foundational skills to continue developing their own VR experiences. It's an introductory level workshop and no previous development experience is required, so for anyone getting started in VR it's a great way to be introduced in person to the community and brought up to speed on the best practices, resources and tools used for VR development.

Website has more info:

Early bird 30% off sale on Eventbrite until June 5th. 
Pricing range is $40 - $150

7:00 pm19:00

Virtual Reality for Professionals

  • 343 Railway St., Unit B1 Vancouver, BC

June Meetup

Join us Thursday June 16th for Vancouver's Monthly VR Meetup. 

We will be focusing on tech talks and demo's. Please send me a DM or email at if you would like to demo your VR hack, idea or product and we'll get you organized for the event! 

Demoing is a great way to get feedback and share any problems or bugs you've encountered. We've got a group of really smart passionate people who are willing to collaborate and help answer don't be shy, let's see your demos!  

VR is going to change the world and it's happening in a major way here in Vancouver. Let's meet each other, connect the local community and realize that future together. Please RSVP. Thanks!


Creatiev Coworkers

343 Railway St., Unit B1 Buzz #010 and take the elevator or stairs down one floor, Vancouver, BC

CVR Vancouver 2016
9:30 am09:30

CVR Vancouver 2016

  • Vancouver Convention Centre

Bringing together all VR products, for the world's first consumer virtual reality conference and exhibition.