Uwe Boll’s BloodRayne II

Uwe Boll’s BloodRayne II

On the set of Uwe Boll’s latest film, BloodRayne II, with Zack Ward, Natassia Malthe and Chris Coppola.
Rayne (Malthe), a half-human/half-vampire warrior, is humankind’s only hope against the advancing vampire race…

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    Pompeyo September 21, 2012

    If I understand it ctroecrly the only reason Uwe can continue to make films is because the German government subsidizes roughly 50% of the cost making it easy for them to make money no matter how bad. But movies like this one and Dungeon Siege do so poorly that even by that standard they lose money. As a consequence of which, it appears that Boll has now been demoted to the $5M-and-under budget category, where he belonged all along.And who knows since his skill level does seem to be improving, me may eventually make a success of himself in this category. Or at least make a durable career as a tax-writer-offer like his spiritual forefather Albert Pyun.

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