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Figmant VR  360 Video iPhone Case

Figmant VR 360 Video iPhone Case

I backed the Figment VR iPhone case on December 26th, 2015. I had spent Christmas day showing friends and relatives the power of Google Cardboard stories. Explaining the future of VR news, of actually being in within a story. 

Every time I showed off the NYVR page and some of the amazing stories within on only the phone I wanted a proper viewer

I really wanted people to experience it the same way they would with a Google Cardboard. But I wasn't going to pack a cardboard in my purse, nor my beloved Hive. 

On Wed, Jan 13 2016 the Figment VR iPhone case made it to it's Kickstarter goal of... thanks to myself and 894 others.

The original shipping date was March, then end of April. But it's mid June an it arrived. I am one of the first to get my Figment Virtual Reality phone case. 

It's been worth the wait! 

My favourite videos so far are the Cuban Dancing and Climbing the World Trade Centre Sphere. It's so wonderful that I have drained my battery on my iPhone. I try and let it charge up but I am too tempted to see yet another video. 

The Figment is a wonderful iPhone case. A press of the buttons and it flips out and turns into a viewer. This gives it an amazing flexibility in terms of navigating video articles. The screen is easily accessible. It's easy to use your phone and it's an automatic 'flip out' to watch the video. 

The missing surround of the headset is quickly forgotten because you can watch instantly. The divide between the eyes isn't missed. I find that I can focus comfortably. 

I find that I prefer to stand to 'watch' it and take full advantage of the 360. If I want to feel more immersed I go into a dark room and then watch the video and even more mind boggling. 

I think  the readiness of the flip out viewer, the fact it's always attached to my phone. I can choose to watch a 360 video. To watch one of my home shot Ricoh Theta 360's. It's so inspiring that one wants to start creating content just to watch. 

For more details go to http://www.figmentvr.com/ It looks like it still on Pre Order at this time. 

Neon Vancouver - Ugly Vancouver

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