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My new Insta 360 One Camera

My new Insta 360 One Camera

Yes, my new Insta360 One Camera still fits in my purse. $400 CA versus the $4000 for the Insta360 Pro.


Insta360 One is a 4K 360 camera with smart tricks

"Perhaps an even more useful feature coming from the One is its app's FreeCapture tool -- a "shoot first, point later" concept...This one's super easy: just load up a 360 clip in FreeCapture mode, treat your phone as if it's a conventional video camera at the time of capture (this relies on the phone's gyroscope), then simply pan around and zoom in or out -- all the way to the cute "tiny planet" view, if you want -- as you desire for your new "director's cut" in 1080p."

Check out the video and further details at www.insta360.com

  • 360 4K Video, 24MP Photos, Live Stream
  • "Bullet Time" Slow-Motion Spinning Effect
  • FreeCapture: Select Shots from 360 Image
  • Flip-Out Lighting Connector
  • Lightning/Bluetooth Syncing to iOS App
  • 6-Axis Gyroscopic Image Stabilization
  • SmartTrack Center-Frame Subject Tracking
  • Built-In 70 Minute (Continuous) Battery
  • microSD Card Slot (8GB Card Included)
  • 1/4"-20 Threaded Mounting Hole

Insta360 ONE Action Camera (iOS) at B&H. Get on the pre-order list now. Mine came in 3 weeks.


For further reviews and samples check out YouTube.

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