About PitchPage


Hello my name is Roz 

I have been a preditor, digital magician and early adopter for many, many years. Preditor is a producer, director and editor of video for web. A digital magician is for all the magic that goes with vector and photoshop manipulation within a computer.

An early adopter started with fashion illustration on a computer in '84. Possibly the first digital camera in town. Next or before that was a Palm, then one of the first iPhones... and now it's VR. 

PitchPage started as a website in 2003 about people behind the camera in film. It transcended to New Media and now VR. 

I thought it would be easier to do a blog so that I could show all the articles I am always telling friends about rather than emailing them. 

I also love my Ricoh Theta 36o VR camera. The first of many VR cameras I intend to own. Links to a gallery of small stories that I have shot. I am schooling myself in shooting in 360 degrees.

Included are some historical PitchPages from when I was shooting video about the film industry.